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CURUFC: Women's Varsity Match 30th Anniversary - 6th December 2018

CURUFC - Women's Varsity Match 30th Anniversary - 6th December 2018
Women's Varsity Match 30th Anniversary - 6th December 2018

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The women’s match, played at Twickenham since 2015, which is already one of the biggest crowd-pullers for the women’s game in the UK, this year celebrates its 30th anniversary. The programme of events which are financed by the Hill Group includes:

• a special pastry/prosecco reception at 10.30am especially for those who played Women’s Rugby at either Oxford or Cambridge in the Rose Room;
• guard of honour by former players at 11.25am;
• gatherings at lunch time post Women’s match and post the Men’s match both in the Rose Room.

There is a special rate for former women players of rugby within the University of Cambridge. Seat tickets for the matches within Twickenham will be at the discounted group rate of £33 and include entry to the events in the Rose Room. They will have also have a rate for guests of £38.00 per person to include the above events.

Former players also have access to a lunch seminar on developing resilience at a discounted price of £45.00 per person.  

We will as far as possible arrange seating so that ex-players of the same vintage sit together in the West Stand section. Only personal applications on this official form will qualify for these West Stand seats. Entry to the activities in the Rose Room will be by the wearing of a wrist band which will be sent with your ground ticket.

To purchase a reception and match ticket please click here.

To purchase a seminar ticket please click here.
(Seminar tickets require a match ticket as well)


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