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CURUFC: Women's Varsity Match - 12th December 2019

CURUFC - Women's Varsity Match  - 12th December 2019
Women's Varsity Match - 12th December 2019

Our Price: £33.00
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The women’s match, played at Twickenham since 2015, is already one of the biggest crowd-pullers for the women’s game in the UK. This year the programme of events includes:
• a special pastry/prosecco reception at 10.30am especially for those who played Women’s Rugby at either Oxford or Cambridge in the Rose Room;
• gatherings at lunch time post Women’s match and post the Men’s match both in the Rose Room.

There is a special rate for former women players of rugby within the University of Cambridge. Seat tickets for the matches within Twickenham will be at the discounted group rate of £33 and include entry to the events in the Rose Room. They will have also have a rate for guests of £38.00 per person.
We will as far as possible arrange seating so that ex-players of the same vintage sit together in the West Stand section. Entry to the activities in the Rose Room will be by the wearing of a wrist band which will be sent with your ground ticket.
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